Spiritual Activation Day 

 With Satya


Unique, intense and very special Online Event: spiritual teachings and live experiences in the comfort of your home and Satya’s home… many homes, but one vibration, one prayer, one meditation for all.




Day That We Dedicate Our Time for Our Own Conscious Spiritual Life - an Act of Self-love and Contribution to a Kinder and More Human World.


LIVE Broadcast Will Be in English, Portuguese and Russian Languages 


Satya Is Calling People from All Over The World – from Every Religion, from All Colors, from Every Culture to Create an Electromagnetic Field of Conscious, Spiritual Alignment, Love and Wisdom to Inspire and Reshape a Conscious Society and Remembering That We Are a Multi-Sensory Being That Has The Power and Capacity to Influence Positively Our World.

We are in one of the most incredible moments of humanity – from one side we face human extinction as a result of our unconscious choices as a global family, from the other side we are living in the best time, where pure wisdom is reachable for everyone. More people are awakening into conscious loving life. By uniting the ones who are longing for presence, love, peace and joy, we can generate a field of true awakening and transformation for all. This special day we will get together to generate world electromagnetic field of presence.

Do You Feel the Urge for a Meaningful Life of Presence?



Satya is an International

Awareness Facilitator

She dedicates her life helping people to heal their wounds, to get their full potential, awakening their own soul wisdom, and expanding their consciousness.

Satya traveled around the world and has been inspired by the indigenous tribes and cultures of Indonesia, Mexico, Hawaii, Peru, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, England, Portugal, Kyrgyzstan …

In her passionate and lighthearted way, she shares a comprehensive approach that goes beyond cultures and traditions.

She has years of experience of working with several transformation processes and therapies, such as meditation, breath work, bioenergetics, primal work, emotional stress and trauma release, shamanism, fire-walking, soul expression and energy reading.

​Her main work lies on bringing together ancient rituals with contemporary therapeutic techniques.

This Special Day Is An Opportunity to Align and Activate Your Spiritual Wisdom and Strengths

Spiritual Activation Day Schedule

Time Zone GMT-0 (Lisbon, London)

LIVE Broadcast Will Be in English, Portuguese and Russian Languages 


05.00 am – The Dawn Spiritual Guided Meditation 

Align your heart, your body and mind with ancient wisdom at the first light of the day. We will embody the new dawn into mankind.

06.00 am – Fire Breathing Meditation

Breath-work meditation that awakens your “inner pharmacy” strengthening, healing by nourishing your body and soul with vitality and awareness.

Four Satsangs With Satya

10.00 – 10.20 am | 12.00 – 12.20 pm |

02.00 – 03.00 pm| 06.00 – 06.20 pm |

Satya will explore different topics that are tremendously important in this moment of humanity.

07.00 pm – The Spiritual Teachings Of Nothingness Meditation

There are so many moments that we feel lost into darkness and suffering. This meditation will guide you through layers of trust into the unknown, preparing you for challenges that you might face in your life.

09.00 pm – Ancient Sacred Ritual With Live Music

Together with musicians (Carlos Mendonça & Filipe Soares - Intop) , Satya will guide us into the sacred space of ancient rituals, allowing sacredness to grow inside of us. Common prayer will be created for humanity, for ourselves, for our lives, for all.

We Will Emanate Vibrations of Pure Consciousness, Love, and Peace into Our Planet


We will focus our energy into our spiritual life.


We will breath love into our system to inflame intentions.


We will believe in the power that we have together.


We will rise our vibrations and emanate them.


We will create the sacred space to pray for all.


What People Say About Working With Satya

Nikola Grigorov

Amazing, it is what my soul needs, so happy and grateful that I met Satya.

Maria Cabedo

A powerful, beautiful experience in a safe and cozy environment.

Svetlana Korol

Deep and profound journey to unknown and forgotten places inside of me.

Joana Rocha

Satya gave me the strength to feel, to speak and to take the action of my authenticity.

Mariana Setas

I’m so happy to find Satya. She is authentic. She walks her talk and that is very inspiring.

Tom Prendergast

Monumental understanding, empathy and compassion. Deep gratitude.

Maria Goreti

Satya is amazing, connecting people with oneself nature and with each other.

Ana Pinto Ribeiro

At Working with Satya I found a community where I can be my true self.

A Full Day We Will Meditate, Pray, Sing, Listen to Spiritual Teachings and Dive into A Pure Space of Presence That Goes Beyond Time and Matter


During This Special Day You Will

  • Have a day full of live experiences with wisdom and awareness
  • Receive tools to use in your daily life so you can align yourself when you need it
  • Embody trust, love and confidence
  • Learn how to transform suffering into wisdom and presence
  • Receive teachings of wisdom and allow yourself to blossom by integrating them in your life and relations
  • Become a part of a very special moment where we will rise our vibration together and contribute for love and peace in life
  • Become a part of a sacred ritual and have the opportunity to connect yourself to a electromagnetic force that supports us all
  • Pray together for your life and for humanity
  • Be bathed by amazing live music
  • Open your heart to grace and joy and re-shape your life through the power of our intentions together

Together we will rise each other up!

Join us, the International Community of Spiritual & Conscious Seekers on the 8 of November 2020.

Starting LIVE Broadcasting at 05.00 in the morning (GMT- 0 Lisbon, London time). To sync with us, please, check your time zone here.

We invite you to start since the first ray of light, but you can come when it’s possible for you.

Spiritual Activation Day Price


Available until midnight 27.10.2020, after - €77

  • Guidelines to prepare yourself for Spiritual Activation Day
  • Three Live guided meditations that you can practice when you want
  • Two hours of Live Satsang with Satya and recorded copy after event
  • Guided Ancient Sacred Ritual with Live music
  • Access to the International Community of Spiritual & Conscious Seekers in Facebook

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the answer to your question here, please, contact us: online@workingwithsatya.com

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