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To Guide You To Your Own Truth

Satya is an International Spiritual Awareness Facilitator

She dedicates her life to helping people to heal their wounds, to get their full potential, awakening their own soul wisdom, and expanding their consciousness.

Satya sees authentic essence grounded in our human bodies and daily life. Through the expansion of our consciousness, through the healing of our pain body, we can return to and awaken the pure presence of our authentic being beyond the busy mind and egoistic sense of self—accessing infinite wisdom and creativity.

Her approach is loving, inspirational, and authentic, blending a balance of being supportive and challenging, enabling people to realize their greatest potential and bringing more joy and relaxation into their lives.


Satya uses an integrative approach, bringing together ancient wisdom and modern therapeutic techniques

Therapeutic Techniques

To support your capacity to recognize and analyze emotional, mental, and physical body, so you understand how to overcome difficulties and transform them into new ways of relating with yourself and others.

Shamanic Rituals

To support your spiritual life blossoming and connecting deeply to the Oneness of the Universe, so you are able to remember your true essence and experience your life as sacred and privilege blessing.


To support the growth of your Inner Observer, to support your peace of mind and your meeting with your true essence, expanding your consciousness and rising your awareness.

Upcoming Events

Online Courses with Satya

Emotional Healing

When we learn how to deal with our emotions, life becomes a sacred space for creation and true contentment. Discover how to become friends with emotions that pointing the direction of purpose.



Audio Guided Meditations

The meditations were created by Satya to support your inner journey into your self-discovery path. They serve to help you to connect with different dimensions of your true essence and true being beyond the rational mind, where you can dive deeply into your own existence.

Ebooks with Practices and Guidelines

The Book of Inner Soul Work

Seven days of inner work to support your growth and expansion of your consciousness. This book of inner soul work serves to give you very simple and easy guidelines and tools to implement wellness & well-being into your daily life, relations, and work. 

With these 7 Days of simple but powerful work, we aim to give you some tools and exercises that will train you to stay in deep, real, and beautiful inner space, and to live from there no matter where you are and with whom you are. Because the ultimate realization is how you allow your own existence and consciousness to blossom.



Awareness Guidance

Free Teachings, Questions and Answers, Practices with Satya

"Working with Satya has been a deep journey into the most inaccessible corners of my Self, with real transformations and practices in all areas of my life and my relationships in the last 7 years. It's a honesty with myself and with others, greater authenticity, more fulfilled life and closer to my nature. I hope to continue work where I have met incredible and inspiring human beings."

Naíde Müller

"I appreciate so much each time I work with Satya, it is so deep and powerful work, full of personal insights, inner reflections and significant changes afterwards. You will never be the same once you follow this amazing journey with Satya, she is such a powerful guide to your spiritual, personal growth and unique path. So much love and gratitude."

Taya Goncharuk

"I am so very grateful to Satya for bringing her own life experiences to bear in a loving and compassionate expression of healing and understanding. Revealing where we are and directing us toward what we can be. Satya is truly gifted agent of transformation. Monumental understanding, empathy and compassion. Deep gratitude."

Tom Prendergast

"Working with Satya for me became coming back home. You can imagine this as if you are a deep-deep sea, but you know only surface. And you start to dive in, deeper and deeper to the hidden places of yourself. It could be scare, you can feel a lot of resistance, but at the end you will find all the hidden parts of yourself, endless treasures. And you won't be alone in this journey."

Julie Burtasova

"Amazing, it is what my soul needs, so happy and grateful I met Satya, the team and all the people around, now I have my direction to follow, I have a little perspective about the hard path I had to walk and I know, no matter how many times I’ll distract myself from that direction, Satya will stay by me and will navigate me without blaming, but with compassion."

Nikola Grigorov

"Since I met Satya my life started profound and wonderful transformations to meet my true Self. It makes me believe that everything is possible, that we can meet our Being at any time in our lives, improve our relationships and always follow our dreams. Support, compassion, honesty, trust, integrity and love are the values I have felt in every work with Satya."

Paula Costinha

"Nothing happens by chance and people and situations happen in our life as an opportunity for growth, awakening, integration, healing and LOVE. I am grateful to all the team that, with the same love that I felt, loved us unconditionally and supported me to believe the incredible potential I have inside me! I embrace your heart. Namaste."

Isaura Faria

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